My horse for some clouds!

I’ve just read the weather forecast for my next trip (I won’t tell you where, you’ll have the info in my Travelog section). Here’s what the “meteomen” wrote: sunny, a little bit cold and, the most important of all: cloudless!

That will be good for our photos and videos and luckily not bad for my documents and applications that are hosted by some clouds of the World Wide Web; and those virtual clouds don’t care for Earth weather forecast!

Actually, I don’t bring anymore my laptop in my backpack! I don’t even care to have a USB storage device with me because both, my favorite apps and my draft docs are on the clouds. Of course, I’m exaggerating a little bit because, each one of my TZ10 (® Lumix), my “Youtube Ready” Camileo Digital Video (® Toshiba), my Philips recorder and the phone on which I’m writing this post have their SDLC card. But they are hanged to my belt or my neck and not in my backpack!

Yet, I’ll have to finish my PPT slides for March 17th…

Don’t worry for the title of this post, I’m just joking, I’ve got no horse and if I had one I wouldn’t exchange it against any IT stuff because I love animals, God’s creatures and His creation…

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